The Story Behind it
Transportation Corrupted System

From the Orient Express to a mere railway museum, our trains traveled fake miles and parked in stations closed since 1989. But, of course, they’re still in our hearts! And bankrupting us, too!

Energy Corrupted System

The gas crisis has only worsened… And the Lebanese citizens? They’re still waiting their turns in queues of humiliation… Dealing with black market dealers, generator owners, cartels, and tanks of gas that evaporate in seconds, needing to be filled over and over again.

Border Control Corrupted System

In 2013, a ticking time bomb exuding scents of corruption, neglect, backdoor deals and bribery docks in the port... And all their failures, mismanagement and corruption eventually blew up in our faces. We may forget all their oversight... But this one? We will never forget.

Waste Management Corrupted System

Twenty years and still, we are drowning in mountains of garbage, dying from the toxic smells of an environmental disaster, buried in the pits of corruption.

Power Management Corrupted System

Fire! Fire! Where are the firefighters? Lebanon burns but its corruption does not. And the rafts? They’re floating on a lack of use and a load of waste. But forgive us... We don’t have maintenance budgets.

Civil Services Corrupted System

Is it governmental electricity or generator? Either way, it’s all darkness and ship deals, a squandering of billions, and a dimming electricity company. The electricity is cut, just like our hope... Our reality is dark and the Lebanese are living blindly.

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On Friday, May 13, 2022… let’s all use the currency of corruption and cover our payments with it. And may we all stand against corruption in Lebanon and put a stop to it, together

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